1. DON'T ARRIVE EARLY - The restaurant cannot see your order and therefore cannot make your order until 5 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled pickup time. The earliest you can possibly pick it up is a couple minutes prior to when you scheduled the pickup. Being late is OK but we close at 9pm. We make drinks after you arrive.

2. ORDERS CANNOT BE CANCELLED OR TIMES ADJUSTED - Our wait times are usually 3-5 minutes from the time to order your food. Unsure? Just order when you arrive. 

3. TO PICKUP YOUR ORDER - Go to the drive-thru speaker to announce your arrival OR park at one of the 4 reserved parking spots near our exit and call (913) 210-5170 and we will bring it out to you. Dining room is closed temporarily. We make your drinks plus ask you which dipping sauces you want when you arrive. 

4. DIPPING SAUCE CHOICES - Secret Sauce, Strawberry BBQ, FarmStead (our scratch homemade better-than-ranch), Honey Dijon Mustard, Gravy, Marinara, Buffalo, Red Magic, Mango Habanero, Raging Hot. Please limit 2 per meal.

5. WALDO FOOD TRUCK - Online ordering is NOT AVAILABLE for our food truck in Waldo but it will be available once we get the building opened in early October, 2020.