1. DON'T ARRIVE EARLY - ASAP orders show up at restaurant immediately. If you scheduled your order for the future, the restaurant cannot see your order and therefore cannot make your order until 5 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled pickup time. The earliest you can possibly pick it up is a couple minutes prior to when you scheduled the pickup. Being late is OK but we close at 9pm.

2. ORDERS CANNOT BE CANCELLED OR TIMES ADJUSTED - Our wait times are usually 5 minutes from the time to order your food. Unsure? Just order when you arrive.

Option #1 - Go inside dining room, skip any line, and ask for your order at the front counter order pickup area.
Option #2 - Go to the drive-thru speaker and announce your arrival then stay in line and pickup at the drive-thru window.
NOTE - Due to decreased demand we are no longer staffing a curbside pickup position. Please pickup your order by choosing option #1 or 2 above.

4. DIPPING SAUCES - You'll choose your dipping sauce WHEN YOU ARRIVE. Self-pump sauces if you pickup inside or request them at the drive-thru pickup window. Options are: Secret Sauce, Strawberry BBQ, FarmStead (our scratch homemade better-than-ranch), Honey Dijon Mustard, Gravy, Marinara, Buffalo, Red Magic, Mango Habanero, Raging Hot. Please limit 2 per meal, 8 for Family Feast